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This App Will Help You Find Your Museum Doppelgänger

This App Will Help You Find Your Museum Doppelgänger

Mona Lisa

Stumbling across a doppelgänger is always a surreal experience, but what if that doppelgänger existed in, say, a surrealist painting crafted long before your birth?

A recent update to the Google Arts and Culture app means that, in addition to scoping out works from more than 1000 museums around the globe, punters can now filter thousands of artworks using their face in a bid to track down their Renaissance, surrealist or pop-art lookalike.

Here’s how the experimental feature works: take a selfie or have someone snap one for you and upload it to the app (it’s worth noting that photos must be taken in-app, as existing images from your camera roll won’t work). After a quick search, it’ll show you the image it thinks look most like you from its extensive collection.


And, after a short wait, the feature has arrived Down Under. Simply download the app for Apple or Android and peruse work by some of the 6293 artists in 228 mediums. It might just inspire a trip to the home of your museum doppelgänger.

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This story has been updated to reflect that the Google Arts and Culture app update has arrived in Australia.

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