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Is This The Best Pool In Europe?

Is This The Best Pool In Europe?

When you think of Germany, turquoise swimming spots and lazing at beach bars isn’t really what you imagine from the home of currywurst and minimalist chic cafes. You might wonder then why a particularly neat floating swimming pool has popped up in Berlin that’s allowing its citizens to enjoy all the luxuries of a tropical beach bar right in the heart of the city.


Badeschiff is the answer to Berlin’s lack of beaches – a floating public pool moored on the River Spree with a wooden lounge deck, man-made beach and outdoor bar.

It’s a nod to how modern and creative the people of Berlin are – seeing that there were no opportunities to laze around in a pool and drink at 3pm in the afternoon, they decided to make their own beach bar destination on the side of a river to do just that.


As the River Spree itself is pretty polluted, it’s not really the ideal spot for a cool dip. Instead the sky-blue swimming pool is an excellent spot for a little cool down, some early morning yoga and some cool DJs spinning tracks on a summer’s eve.

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The pool was converted from a 30 metre barge and has a depth of two metres. There are lifeguards and an additional area for children with a splash pool and an area to make sandcastles. Pretty cute.

(Images: Badeschiff Berlin/Facebook)

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