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It’s Official: These Are The Best Cities Around The World For Vegans

It’s Official: These Are The Best Cities Around The World For Vegans

Top Vegan Cities: The Official List Of Vegan Holiday Hotspots Is Here

Being a vegan or vegetarian can make travel a little bit more challenging. Suddenly you’ve got another very important question to consider when you’re looking at your bucket list — will I actually be able to eat in this city? Well, hold on to your faux leather hats, friends, because the top vegan cities have been revealed.

The team over at Globehunters analysed 70 of the most visited cities around the world to find out, once and for all, what the world’s best vegan and vegetarian holiday hotspots are.


The study goes deep. For each city, it looked at the total number of vegan restaurants, the average cost of a vegan meal out, and even the number of pictures posted to the city’s vegan hashtags on Instagram.


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And what do you know, Australia cleaned up.

Melbourne was ranked the third best city in the entire world for vegans, with Sydney coming in as the fourth top vegan city. Pat yourselves on the back, guys, we made it!

Melbourne has 548 vegan and vegetarian restaurants, while Sydney has a whopping 743. A meal out will set you back around $15 in Melbourne and $19 in Sydney.


Sydney is put to shame on Instagram though, with just over 89k posts to the #vegansofsydney tag compared to 163k posts on #vegansofmelbourne.

But food isn’t the only thing that matters (I have been told, and barely believe). Melbourne ranks 34th in the world when it comes to the average cost of accommodation in a 3-star hotel. And both cities rank pretty well on the Environmental Performance Index Score.

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The Aussie cities come in just beneath London and Berlin and look, we’re pretty happy to be sharing the top five with them and Vienna.

Check out the full top ten list of vegan and veggie holiday hotspots:

  • #1 London
  • #2 Berlin
  • #3 Melbourne
  • #4 Sydney
  • #5 Vienna
  • #6 Paris
  • #7 Auckland
  • #8 New York City
  • #9 Barcelona
  • #10 Madrid

Here to get you started is Dragon Hot Pot in Melbourne, who just launched a delicious vegan menu.

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