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This Sydney Burger Joint Is Giving Away 3000 Avengers-Themed Burgers This Month

This Sydney Burger Joint Is Giving Away 3000 Avengers-Themed Burgers This Month

Chur Burger In Sydney Is Giving Away 3000 'Avengers' Burgers In August

Marvel fans know “Love you 3000” as what Tony Stark and his daughter said to each other, and as the line that definitely didn’t make us ugly cry. But burger fans in Sydney will soon have a new-found appreciation of the line, because Chur Burger is giving away 3000 Avengers-themed burgers in August.

The famous burger joint is teaming up with Marvel Studios Australia to celebrate the in-home release of Avengers: Endgame. Together, the dynamic duo will be giving away 3000 cheeseburgers between August 14 and 16.


So what’s on this grilled homage to the superhero epic? A beef patty covered in melted American cheddar cheese, pickles, onions, and Chur’s special sauce. And it comes on an extra special purple milk bun.

Chur Burger will be transformed into an Avengers hub, complete with a whole heap of giveaways, behind-the-scenes content and photo ops. Now’s your chance to score a free lunch and a new profile pic of you holding Captain America’s shield or wielding Thor’s hammer.


The We Love You 3000 giveaway will coincide with Chur Burger’s final day of operation — the legendary restaurant that’s been credited with starting the burger craze in Sydney recently announced it will be closing on August 17.

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If you simply can’t wait for the giveaway to start on August 14, the massive The Burger Expo is going down in Sydney this weekend. You can get burgs from some of the city’s best, and even famous burgers from Eggslut in the US.

And the food extravaganzas just keep on rolling in. Sydney’s also getting an eight-course chicken schnitzel degustation in September.

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(Lead image: Oh My Disney)

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