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Tokyo’s Ghibli Museum Is Getting A Catbus For Adults

Tokyo’s Ghibli Museum Is Getting A Catbus For Adults

The Ghibli Museum in Tokyo has announced today that, following renovations, it will soon be home to an adult-friendly Catbus to play in.

You may remember Catbus from the iconic Studio Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro. With 12 legs, a bushy tail and fur all over, this large bouncing creature had a hollow body that was used as a bus, complete with windows and seats. Catbus would use its caterpiller-like legs to hop, run, fly, bounce and crawl along rural Japan, making rice fields shake as it flew past.

Currently you can see a real-life furry replica of Catbus at the Ghibli Museum. Unfortunately the exhibition is strictly for under 12-year-olds, with adults having to watch on with envy and despair.

Ugh, that looks so fun! Photo: Pinterest

Luckily, the Ghibli Museum have heard your prayers. To celebrate the Ghibli Museum’s 15th anniversary, the space will be undergoing some renovations, with the museum now planing on building a bigger Catbus large enough to accommodate grown-ups too.

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The new Catbus will be a part of a new exhibition called ‘Ride the Catbus to the Ghibli Woods’, and will feature alongside an exclusive 13-minute short film called Mei and the Kittenbus. In the film Mei (the younger sister from My Neighbor Totoro) meets Catbus’ offspring, fittingly called Kittenbus. Very cute.

The exhibition is set to open on July 16, with the museum closed in the interim.

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