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You Can Visit The Studio Ghibli Museum Without Leaving The Warmth Of Your Doona

You Can Visit The Studio Ghibli Museum Without Leaving The Warmth Of Your Doona

I thought things couldn’t get any better after Netflix announced it would be adding the entire catalogue of magical Studio Ghibli films to its offerings. But then, THEN, the rarely photographed Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan started allowing virtual tours.

Was I meant to actually be in Japan at the end of the year? Yes. Will this placate me more than a little? Damn right.

Via the museum’s Youtube channel, you’ll be able to wander passed Totoro (the sweetest Studio Ghibli character, prove me wrong) at the entrance then get a front row view of props from movie sets and the ‘Space of Wonder’ room with its beautiful murals of some of the most famous Ghibli characters.

It’s honestly one of the most soothing things, far more so than the endless news cycle and Instagram scrolling I’ve been doing for the past…month.

Also, you simply must check out this tour of the Straw Hat Cafe, which is inspired by personal favourite Ghibli film (and my favourite childhood book) Howl’s Moving Castle.

We stan some wholesome content.

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In case you missed it, Studio Ghibli isn’t the only one opening up their virtual doors so that we can all improve our isolation.

Disneyland has also been releasing Point Of View videos of some of their most popular rides, as well as sharing the secret recipes to some of their most popular theme park food. Yes, a lot of it is Mickey Mouse-shaped and I love it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You’re never too old for magic.

(Lead Image: Totoro)

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