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Nintendo Has Confirmed a Real-Life Mario Kart Course At Its Bonkers New Theme Park

Nintendo Has Confirmed a Real-Life Mario Kart Course At Its Bonkers New Theme Park

Universal Studios Japan

2020 is shaping up to be a turbo-charged year for Japanese gaming giant Nintendo. With its Tokyo mega-store still doing big business, the company has turned its attention to the first-ever Super Nintendo World.

All things going to plan, Super Nintendo World will open at Universal Studios Japan ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. (The games begin on Friday, July 24.)

Located in Osaka, Universal Studios Japan feels like the rightful place to bring Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Princess Zelda and co. to life.

While many aspects of Super Nintendo World are still a mystery, the hype machine has begun.

This week, Nintendo released a ‘music video’ to introduce the park. Set to a new song called ‘We Are Born To Play’ by Charli XCX and dance duo Galantis, it’s a high-def, candy-coloured trip.

Over three eye-popping minutes, we see various attractive Nintendo fans congregating in Mario’s world. Everyone is very hyped to be there. As one YouTube commenter put it, “This is where Nintendo gamers go after they die.”

So, what should you expect from a pilgrimage to Super Nintendo World? A “new level” of theme park fun, apparently.

The park is designed to feel like you’re in a game – a gimmick achieved with the use of wearable ‘Power Up’ wristbands. The bands are synced with an iPhone app to track your progress. That’s right, you can hit Question Blocks and collect coins IRL.

Here’s the technology in action at the launch event in Osaka.

Nintendo has also confirmed several themed zones based on iconic game locations. We’re talking Mushroom Kingdom, Peach’s Castle, Bowser’s Castle and, best of all, a Mario Kart course.

We’ve all enjoyed the rumours, but the official word is sweet.

There’s a lot we want to know about the real life particulars of a Mario Kart ride. For now, we’ll just have to scan for clues in the brightest, oddest music video of Charli XCX’s career.

(Lead Image: Super Nintendo World / Nintendo) 

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