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France Has A Wine Theme Park; It’s A Great Day For Grown-Ups

France Has A Wine Theme Park; It’s A Great Day For Grown-Ups

France loves wine so much they’ve decided to open a theme park devoted to it because life is just so great sometimes.

Opening on June 1, La Cité du Vin amusement park sits on the bank of the Garonne River in Bordeaux wine country, arguably the home of all good wine. La Cité du Vin is set to be a unique place devoted to wine, wine cultures and wine history from across the world. According to their mission statement, La Cité du Vin wish to promote and share the cultural, universal and living heritage of wine with the broadest possible audience.

And so on. Honestly, you had me at wine theme park.


The building is a 10-storey behemoth, which took over seven years to construct and cost about $125 million. In true theme park fashion, there’ll be around 20 themed areas and exhibits to be explored by wine enthusiasts.

Guests can take expert-led tasting sessions and enjoy a bevvie in the panoramic Belvedere wine saloon that takes over the top two floors of the building. Here you can grab a bite at the tapas bar, eat a seasonal meal at the in-house restaurant or purchase wine from the shop selling stock from over 80 countries worldwide.

This ode to vino doesn’t stop there – there’s even a large plush chair where you can sit and listen to famous stories of inebriation, probably none of which involve me sitting on the couch sobbing with abandon at “The Door” episode of Game Of Thrones after half a bottle of Pinot. I mean, what?

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Like any good theme park, there’ll be rides too. A simulated boat ride is the centrepiece of the park and takes passengers on a creative re-imagining of a maritime journey across the globe. Like the It’s A Small World ride from Disney but with less cartoon characters and heaps more wine.

Time to plan that vino-inspired tour of Europe?

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