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TikTok’s Favourite Flight Attendant Just Dropped A Hack For Finding The Best Seats In Economy

TikTok’s Favourite Flight Attendant Just Dropped A Hack For Finding The Best Seats In Economy

Tiktok flight attendant jeenie weenie superimposed over airline cabin

TikTok-famous flight attendant @jeenie.weenie is dropping insider flight hacks again, this time sharing how she calculates the best seats in economy.

Are you even on TikTok if you haven’t seen Sandra Jeenie Kwon’s (@jeenie.weenie) highly enjoyable stories spilling all of the airline tea

Kwon regularly shares what really happens on flights and how the attendants actually feel about it, occasionally throwing in some juicy airline secrets, like hacks to book the best seats in economy. 

This video has 7.4-million views for obvious reasons: Everyone resents having to fly cattle class. Climbing over sleeping people to go to the bathroom, people watching your screen while they wait in line for the toilet, getting stuck in a middle seat between two arm-rest hogs — so much can go wrong.

Her video superimposes a cabin map as she runs through a process of elimination.

“The first elimination should be a no brainer – the middle seats SUCK,” says Kwon, crossing them off the seating plan.

“The back rows of every section do not recline, so let’s get rid of those seats,” she continues.

“I’m not a tall person, I do not need these emergency or bulkhead seats. There’s also nowhere to store your personal belongings there. They also have those flimsy TVs and tables. For those reasons, I scrap those seats.”

Tiktok flight attendant jeenie weenie superimposed over airline cabin amp
Kwon recommends a ‘five-row buffer’ from wafting toilet smells. Image: @jeenie.weenie / TikTok

She then talks about the weight distribution of the plane and how airlines fill the cabins, so you can nab yourself some extra space.

“They always fill up the first section first, before the last section, which means you have a higher chance getting a full row or an extra seat in the back [of the cabin],” Kwon explains.

“Seats near toilets stink like shit,” says Kwon. “I recommend a five-row buffer just to be in the safe zone.” Noted.

“The next one is personal preference. I hate asking someone else to move just so I can use the toilet, for that, I eliminate all window,” Kwon shares.

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“And because meals are typically served front-to-back you have a higher chance of getting your meal choice at the front, so now, due to process of elimination we have my ideal seat choice, which is seat 49C, D, F or G.”

Obviously, that specific row of seating will depend on which aircraft you’re flying. In the comments, Kwon addresses this.

“Of course plane configurations are different but my logic on seat choice will be the same.”

One TikToker commented how getting those seats is now going to be an all out battle: “The amount of people that’ll be fighting for seats 49c/d/f/g after watching this… omg.”

Thankfully, we’re not back to days of absolutely rammed cabins just yet, but it’s definitely an ace to keep up your sleeve. How to get the best seats in economy is priceless insider info. Just like knowing the reason why flight attendants don’t drink the tea or coffee on flights.

Lead images: @jeenie.weenie / TikTok

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