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Here’s A Travel Hack For Students On A Budget Who Still Want To Fly In Style

Here’s A Travel Hack For Students On A Budget Who Still Want To Fly In Style

qatar airways student club

Like pouncing on the stock market during a crash, now is the time to take advantage of airlines offering rare deals and incentives to lure back customers. If you’re a student, this is something you particularly want to take advantage of.

Like most students (and honestly, even me, who hasn’t been a student for a while), you’re probably jumping straight to the budget airlines, because obviously. The thing is, luxe airline Qatar Airways has its own Student Club and the offers are anything but shabby. In fact, they’re so good that membership to the club is basically a travel hack in and of itself.

You’ll get special fares on flights, excess baggage allowance, date change flexibility, a Privilege Club tier upgrade as a graduation gift (very nice), complimentary Super WiFi and more.

Some of you have probably seen Aussie Insta influencer Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust) flitting about with Qatar, just living the dream. So you get it, they’re a lush airline.

qatar business gypsea lust
Images: Instagram / @gypsea_lust for @qatarairways) 


You also get some pretty decent discounts (from 10 to 30 percent), additional baggage at no charge and flexible booking options and more — depending on which level of membership you choose. Fair warning, the application process is on the longer side, but it pays off. You can start it here.

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