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This Water Slide Hidden In The Hawaiian Jungle Sure Looks Fun

This Water Slide Hidden In The Hawaiian Jungle Sure Looks Fun

There are so many great reasons to visit Hawaii – those gorgeous north shore beaches, that volcano that pours lava into the ocean, and the growing art scene and cafe culture that’s making Honolulu the next hip holiday destination are a few – and now here’s one more.

(Photo: E Palen/Flickr)

See that beautiful lush oasis up there? That’s the edge of the Waipi’o Valley, located in the Hamakua District of the Big Island of Hawaii. Hidden right in the middle of this great green vista is one of the coolest water slides we’ve ever seen – you just have to put in a bit of work to get there.

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Firstly, it’s on private property so you need to get permission to access the land. Then, to get to the flume, visitors must first find the elusive road that leads them there – White Road, just outside of Waimea. Along the road there’s a wooden gate that leads to the Flume Water Slide Trailhead. Once you set out on the trail you’ll hike through steamy forests, darkened tunnels and some sliff-side paths – but the payoff is so worth it.

There’s little known about this hidden slide, other than what these adventurous Youtubers discovered on their way to the falls – apparently you have to hike through a tunnel for about 800 metres before arriving at your destination. Once you arrive, there’s no handy flight of stairs to get you to the summit – instead you’ll have to find the nifty rope attached to the top of the flume and climb up through the rushing stream of water.

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Just don’t forget your floaties!

(h/t Roadtrippers, lead image Jason Maltezo/Youtube)

Pretty once in a lifetime if you ask us. Check out Qantas flights to Hawaii here.

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