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This Utah Dad Builds Huge Castles Out Of Ice

This Utah Dad Builds Huge Castles Out Of Ice

Well, that’s one way to one-up the other neighbourhood dads – when Brent Christensen moved his young family from sunny California to snowy Utah, he decided to make the best of it by building his kids a private ice-skating rink in their own backyard, complete with a slide, ice cave and tower, and never looked back.


Today, Brent’s DIY project has grown into its own company, Ice Castles, which builds enormous winter wonderlands designed for family fun in locations across the United States. This season, there are four Ice Castles, one each in New Hampshire, Minnesota, Vermont and Utah.


To create the Ice Castles, a team of dedicated builders spend weeks “growing” and harvesting more than 5,000 icicles per day, resulting in a 9,071,847 kilogram masterpiece. Each hand-built Ice Castle is a uniquely beautiful and spectacular structure, complete with multi-coloured ice lamps and art installations, that visitors of all ages are free to explore to their heart’s content.


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A single adult ticket runs about $15, and a season pass is a mere $25 – well worth it for the perfect Frozen-themed date night, don’t you think?

(Images: Eric Kilby/Flickr)

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