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Sydney Is Getting An Astro-Themed Cat Café

Sydney Is Getting An Astro-Themed Cat Café

Ever wondered how you can combine your love of cats and Carl Sagan’s Cosmos? Well, some clever Sydney foodies have got your back.

Catmosphere is billed as the world’s first astronaut-themed cat café – and it’s opening in Sydney’s CBD in July. While details are relatively scarce – we’re still not sure which mad geniuses are behind such a thing – the café announced its arrival with a sneaky Facebook page and website which went live over the weekend.


It describes itself as “the purr-fect escape from the daily grind and a chance to play with our furry friends as they enjoy gravity and observe us humans in our natural habitats. Catmosphere’s domesticates have resolutely dedicated their past lives to space exploration and are back to basking in the Earth’s glorious oxygenated biosphere where any and all Homo sapiens who wish to enjoy their company will be able to enjoy quality locally brewed coffee and a mouthwatering seasonal menu.”

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It comes just six months after Australia’s first ever cat café opened in Melbourne, and you can help make these feline dreams a reality via crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

Worth a trip to Sydney, we reckon. Check Qantas flights here.

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