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This Tiny Two-Room Hotel Was Once A School

This Tiny Two-Room Hotel Was Once A School

It seems many people would be pretty stoked to never have to set foot inside a school classroom again. High school trauma notwithstanding, we reckon you might want to check this place out.


The Hillside Schoolhouse in the Catskills region of upstate New York isn’t your regular hotel. Firstly, there’s only two rooms. Secondly, this small structure originally served as an one-room eight grade schoolhouse from around 1890 to 1950. The building was then used as a gospel church before falling into disrepair.


Now functioning as a hip weekend getaway for local travellers, the building still pays its respects to its past-life. There’s an original slate blackboard in the common room fitted out with a matching American flag above it – just like they had back in the early days. Little fixings like an old-school classroom clock, a world globe and even the original cast-iron school bell make it all the more special.



But don’t go thinking they’ve skimped on style to keep with the theme – no way. This place is lush. Huge windows let in a bunch of light on this cosy retreat that’s brimming with stylish furnishings and hardwood floors. Even the bathrooms are cool.


There’s two rooms available for guests to rent; The Belfry and Room 1893. Each room has access to complementary Wi-Fi, cable television, a king bed and a private bathroom.

They even decided to turn the second coat room into a kitchen. Using chalkboard as a backsplash, the school-theme is certainly brimming throughout this stylish abode.


A night in these schoolhouse digs will set you back around $225USD (or $314AUD) per night.

(Images: Hillside Schoolhouse)

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