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Wish You Were Here: Fosso Bianco Hot Springs, Tuscany

Wish You Were Here: Fosso Bianco Hot Springs, Tuscany

Think you know all there is to know about Tuscany? Think again. A quick google (and an even quicker viewing of Under The Tuscan Sun) will inevitably present images of sun-drenched landscapes with rolling hills, vineyards and tiny cobblestoned towns brimming with Renaissance era architecture and charm. But when you dive a little deeper, you’ll find something a little more spectacular.

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The Fosso Bianco Hot Springs in the Val d’Orcia region of Tuscany in central Italy are a sight to behold. Found hidden away in the shady woods below Bagni San Filippo, this series of natural hot springs look somewhat otherworldly – but inviting nonetheless.

Thanks to its location on a sloping rock face, there’s a set of pools cascading down the mountain, each filled with nutrient-rich crystal white water.

It’s like something out of a dream, no? It’s actually a pretty similar formation to the “cotton castle” hot springs in Turkey too. These thermal hot springs flow over mounds of white calcite rock, which deposits calcium carbonate, a chemical which hardens and creates the white rock you see here.


Entry to the hot springs is free, and they’re accessed via a (sometimes muddy) path from the village. Your best time to visit would be from November to April, and don’t be put off by a “Danger; No climbing; No bathing” sign before the natural springs – this was just a precaution put up by the council of Castiglione d’Orcia in case the calcium rocks ever started to crumble.

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