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This Huge Water Park Is Probably The Most Fun You Can Have In Australia

This Huge Water Park Is Probably The Most Fun You Can Have In Australia

OK so there’s no denying we’re big fans of the Sunshine Coast here at AWOL. Whether it’s their consistently good weather, their perfect coastlines or just a damn tasty burger they’re cooking up, you might just say we’re a teensy bit obsessed with this place – and for good reason. Now they’ve gone and added Australia’s most insane water park to sweeten the already ripe deal.

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Set on a huge serene lake in Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, Aqua Park Coolum is like a goldmine for the young, and the young at heart. Slides, jumping pillows, trampolines, swings, spinning wheels, balance beams and wobble beams are just some of the inflatable obstacles you’ll find there, with the extensive water park found nestled within the OZ Ski Resort Complex.


Aqua Park Coolum covers roughly 100 metres by 75 metres, which means there’s a huge area for play and it’s never overcrowded.

You can probably say goodbye to your gym membership too. You’ll be crawling, jumping and swimming all over the place to get that heart rate raised.

On the shore there’s picnic tables, umbrellas, sun lounges and even a cafe for those less obstacle inclined.

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Aqua Park Coolum is located just inland from Coolum Beach. Fly to the Sunshine Coast with Qantas today or use the fare finder below.

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