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This Swim Up Bar In A Cave Is Hawaii At Its Best

This Swim Up Bar In A Cave Is Hawaii At Its Best

With its beaches, hidden waterslides, hip neighbourhoods and good food, Hawaii really does pack a punch for the average traveller – the best of which comes in the form of a very cool bar in a very cool pace.

Meet your new favourite swim up bar, the Grotto Bar, found beneath two waterfalls in gorgeous Maui.

Really, is there anything cooler than a swim up bar? This cool oasis is located in the Hyatt Maui‘s half-acre outdoor swimming pool. To get to the splashy setting, visitors can swim through two waterfall entrances that open into the dimly lit grotto.


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If there was ever a place to nab a fruity mai tai with a dorky umbrella – this is probably it. This subterranean drinking hole serves up your regular cocktail fare to wading guests, as well as some made-to-order frozen smoothies with fresh guava, mango, passion fruit, pineapple, coconut and even chocolate and Oreo cookies.

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And if you’d rather stay dry, there’s a footbridge to the side that allows guests full access to the bar without having to don their swimmers.

The Grotto bar is open 11am till 5pm daily.

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(Lead image: Hyatt Maui)

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