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Australia’s Ginger Pride Rally Is Returning & You Can Decide Where

Australia’s Ginger Pride Rally Is Returning & You Can Decide Where

After this year’s inaugural Melbourne Ginger Pride Rally was deemed a fiery success, with over 1000 flame-haired participants taking over Federation Square, the event has announced it’s returning next year to unite redheads the country over – and this time, you can decide where.

The event, hosted by Buderim Ginger and The Ginger Net, is slated for April 2017, but this time gingers, their friends and family, and the redhead-loving public can cast a vote to decide where the event should be held. The possible host cities are our seven capitals; Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney.

Photo: The Ginger Net/Facebook

The public is also invited to help shape the event by voting on the walking distance and route of the march, as well as which charity all fundraising should be donated to (all supporters and participants are encouraged to give a gold-coin donation); there’s an organisation that supports skin cancer sufferers, one that works to get rid of bullying, one that protects ginger animals and a children’s charity that helps future redheads to grow up happy.

Having red hair is so rare these days that only one percent of the world’s population sport this dashing hair colour (all the Weasleys included). As The Ginger Net puts it, “we are the definition of unique, a rare human unicorn, that cannot be tamed… except with the sweet soothing music of Ed Sheeran.”

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All voters go into the draw to win a $100 Myer voucher, but we reckon the sweet satisfaction of deciding the future of this celebrated event is enough. May it, and the redhead gene, go on forever.

Visit the Ginger Net’s Facebook page to vote.

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