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This Secret Bar Is Literally A Hole In The Wall

This Secret Bar Is Literally A Hole In The Wall

When locals talk about the Buza Bar in Dubrovnik they always use the term “hole in the wall” to describe it – and it’s possibly the most fitting description for this cliffside bar ever.


Buza Bar is kind of a hidden Dubrovnik gem – there’s barely any information on it in brochures, and searching for it online is harder than you think. Found on the edge of Dubrovnik’s southern walls, to even get there is a trek in itself, but boy is it worth it.


How To Find Buza Bar

Wander behind the Church of St Blaise, past Hemingway Bar and the cathedral until you’re on a side street facing the Adriatic Sea and Italy. Once you reach the wall, walk along the outer side until you reach a door, head inside an choose either left or right. Each side will bring you to one of Buza’s two bars where you can sip cool drinks and contemplate cliff diving into the temperate blue waters below you.

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In old Dubrovnik dialect buza means “hole”, and truly, getting to this unique cafe is like venturing through a tunnel to the edge of the earth – but for that view as a payoff? Totally worth it.

(All images: Toni Almodóvar Escuder / Flickr)

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