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The Opera Bar Is Re-Opening This Week And You’ll Finally Be Able To Book A Table

The Opera Bar Is Re-Opening This Week And You’ll Finally Be Able To Book A Table

Whether you yourself are a regular at the Opera Bar or not, it’s the first place you think of going when you’re entertaining an out-of-towner. It’s basically THE Sydney bar.

So it gives me a sense of normalcy and happiness that this iconic bar, co-owned by Matt Moran, is re-opening after shutting down for the coronavirus lockdown “situation”.


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From September 10, the bar will be back for business, although it’ll be looking a little different. While in pre-pandemic times it was always a struggle to nab a table, having to hustle through hoards of tourists and CBD business types, the same types of crowds just don’t exist now. Hell, even if there were still tourists here the crowding wouldn’t be allowed. It’s not a fact that has worried Moran, however.

“We have a bird’s-eye view [of Opera Bar] from Aria,” he told Good Food, “There are more people walking past, and more people asking when we are reopening”.

Have I been one of those people sneaking a peek and wondering if and when one of my favourite Sunday sesh spots was coming back? Maybe.

For the re-opening, they’ll be putting more of a focus on Australian spirits and produce to support local of a particularly crappy period.

You’ll also actually be able to book a table — obviously a social distancing measure, but actually music to my impatient ears.In fact, this venue that used to serve up to 1,500 at a time on a busy day is now capped at 300. You might even manage a table closest to the water at this rate.

(Lead Image: Unsplash /Jeremy Manoto)

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