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This Bar Is Now Making “Cocktail Party Bags” Which Sound A Lot Like Fancy Goon Bags

This Bar Is Now Making “Cocktail Party Bags” Which Sound A Lot Like Fancy Goon Bags

Cocktail Delivery: Redfern Surf Club Is Making "Cocktail Party Bags"

People might say they want delicate cocktails served in fancy glasses in a dimly lit bar, but there’s evidence to suggest that all anyone really wants is a vat of alcohol delivered to their door. Enter: Redfern Surf Club’s cocktail delivery service

The bar is now making “cocktail party bags” and delivering them around Sydney. It’s exactly what it sounds like: fancy AF cocktails in easy-to-pour bags that are essentially fashionable goon bags.

There are ten cocktail party bags available to order online from Redfern Surf Club.

A mix of classic cocktails and the bar’s signature drinks are available in bag form. That includes a watermelon margarita, piña colada, Old Fashioned, Negroni, a peach and grapefruit vodka cocktail and, yes, a goon bag full of espresso martini.


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What a time to be alive!

Some of the cocktail party bags contain fresh ingredients and are available for pick-up only, but you can get others delivered straight to your door.

They’re all available to buy on the Redfern Surf Club’s website in 700ml bags here, alongside a nice collection of bottled cocktails, beer, wine, and bar merch.

That’s not all Redfern Surf Club has been up to.

The bar has also launched the Chicken Shop, a retro pop-up serving fried chicken tenders, burgers, and Chicko Rolls. Standouts include the Surf Club chicken burger, made with Southern-style chicken cooked to the perfect crispiness and loaded with shredded lettuce, pickles, and kewpie mayo.

Grab a seat at the bar, a table at the Chicken Shop, or pick up your cocktail party bags every Thursday through Sunday from 5pm until midnight.

There are plenty of cocktail delivery services to choose from right now, including The Cocktail Club, which will send subscribers ingredients every month, and these DIY cocktail and pizza-making kits in Adelaide.

(Lead image: Redfern Surf Club)

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