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The Best Things About Coming Home To Australia

The Best Things About Coming Home To Australia

We call ourselves the ‘lucky country’ and perhaps there is no term more apt to describe the Australian way of living. From our idyllic weather to our diverse landscapes, our multiculturalism to our healthcare system, it’s no wonder Australian cities are repeatedly featured on annual ‘World’s most liveable cities’ lists.

Although we Australians are an intrepid bunch, regularly clocking up Frequent Flyer points and leaving no corner of the world unturned, we know that there is no better place to come home to than our island home down under. Here’s why.

#1 We love a laugh

Honestly, who doesn’t love the larrikin Aussie humour? Our unique national sense of humour and our crafty ability to laugh at ourselves and poke fun at our politicians has garnered us with a global reputation for being laid-back, free of airs and graces, and one of the friendliest countries in the world. However, there can be times while overseas when our distinct dry and self-mocking humour isn’t quite understood or misinterpreted, so it’s always nice to come home where everyone fully understands the nuances of irony and wit and how hilarious we actually are.

#2 Our backyard is pretty darn spectacular

Photo: Tourism Tasmania

Australian landscapes are distinct and varied across our vast nation: the barren desert outback in the red centre, pristine beaches lined with sublime stretches of white sand along the coast, and lush tropical rainforests up north. One thing that you won’t expect to miss when travelling or living overseas are the ubiquitous formations of eucalyptus trees dotting the landscapes, a sight so wholly Australian, it’ll make you want to listen to Kylie on repeat.


#3 The weather is pretty decent

The weather gods are (generally) on our side and we are blessed with gorgeous weather all year round: something you’ll never take for granted again after your two-year stint in the UK. Many tourists arrive on our shores in search of sunshine, surf and sand and the ‘outdoorsy’ lifestyle that we embody and which our tourism ads regularly spruik. Although the southern states do have their cold and wintry moments, its nothing like the harsh and drawn-out winters that our European cousins have to endure, and no act of Mother Nature can keep our nation of sun-worshippers homebound and indoors for too long.

#4 The many faces of Australia

Australia is a bubbling pot of ethnicities, customs, cuisines, languages and religions, with approximately 1 in 4 Australians born overseas. The Australian ‘identity’ is an ever-changing fusion of cultures from that of the first Indigenous inhabitants of our land to the recently arrived migrants and refugees arriving in search of a new life. Ours is not a homogenous society, and it is our diversity that is our strength – and which also adds to our fine culinary palate. Where else would you find a Vietnamese, Ethiopian and Italian restaurant lined up next-door to each other?

#5 Brunch is an institution

Photo: Top Paddock

Fact: no-one does brunch as well as Australia. It’s extraordinary how our isolated island has managed to completely dominate in a meal category, but that’s precisely what we’ve done, to the extent that other countries are looking to us and emulating what we’re doing. We’re constantly re-inventing the wheel and pushing boundaries when it comes to brunch, and we’ve mastered the art of hipster interior fit-outs like nobody’s business. Despite what some of the naysayers out there are saying, the brunch scene is king in Australia and it doesn’t look like it will be conceding its crown any time soon.

#6 OMG the coffee

Speaking of which, growing up with coffee in Australia will ruin you forever. The seeds (beans?) of our coffee culture were cultivated following the influx of Italian migrants who came to Australia post-World War II and really flourished in the last couple of decades, providing us all with the uncanny ability to differentiate between a good cup of coffee and, well, the rest.

Most likely you’ve been labelled as a ‘coffee snob’ from your international friends, which is a compliment in any Aussie’s eyes.

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#7 The slang

It’s true-blue that the Aussie vernacular takes some getting used to, and it might take you a while to decipher the ins and outs of our lingo. However, there’s something about our affinity with shortened word forms, gritty determination to add z’s to everyone’s names and our propensity to refer to our best mates in derogatory terms that is actually quite endearing. Fair dinkum.

#8 We know the value of a good barbecue


Despite the onslaught of American BBQ establishments that have sprung up over the last couple of years, there’s nothing that beats our official national pastime of throwing an Aussie barbecue in the backyard. Well, what are you waiting for? Fire up the Webster, prep the snags and lamb, and ‘slip a shrimp on the barbie’ – while doing your best Crocodile Dundee impression, of course.

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