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You Can Now Listen To The Real Life Sounds Of NYC While You Work

You Can Now Listen To The Real Life Sounds Of NYC While You Work

New York City has a special kind of vibe. Always bustling, on the move, fast-paced. An energy that makes you want to keep searching, experience cool things, see even cooler ones. So, it makes sense that the city of such famed busyness, has been enlisted to help people… concentrate.

Sounds of New York is a new project that plays nothing but background noise from the streets of New York City. The company behind it, Breather, spent three months scouring 25 Manhattan neighbourhoods and recording everything they heard. This included sounds from concerts, restaurants, footpaths, comedy shows, sports fields and supermarkets. The result is a huge, almost endless playlist of ambient noise that makes you feel like you’re truly in the city that never sleeps.


Better yet? It’ll actually help you study.

Ambient noise at low-level has been proven to have a positive impact on study habits, especially for creative people. Speaking to Conde Nast Traveler, Breather co-founder Julien Smith said: “Ambient noise is a common solution to help improve productivity and focus while you work, so it made sense that we create such a tool, inspired by a city that we love.”

It’s basically a study hack that incorporates your love of travel by making you feel like you’re in a completely different, much more exciting place. Excellent.


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You can choose from the crowd-filled noises of Times Square, the chilled-out cafe vibes of Little Italy or the comedy club noises from Greenwich Village.

Breather are even looking to do a Sounds of San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles next so keep an ear out! You can find Sounds of New York here.

You deserve a break from all that hard work. Head here to choose your destination.

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