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A Denver-Based Travel Company Is Making Your #VanLife Dreams Come True

A Denver-Based Travel Company Is Making Your #VanLife Dreams Come True

We’re all aware of the ubiquitous #VanLife hashtag and the freedom-loving, vagabond Instagrammers who come along with it. And it’s hard not to feel a pang of jealousy when you see their posts about waking up somewhere new each morning and cooking fresh food over an open fire. Now, a Denver-based travel company has created a solution so you can have experience #VanLife for yourself.


Dillon Hansen and Jon Moran of Native Campervans have been making their own fitted-out vans and renting them to travellers and adventurers who want to experience a true life on the road. And that’s without having to pack up their entire lives each time.


The vans come in two sizes: Biggie or Smalls. Biggie has a double bed and a small kitchen with a tap and two-burner stove as well as bowls, pots and cutlery. There’s also a convertible dining table and a ton of storage for all your belongings.

Interior of the Biggie van.

Smalls is, well, just a little smaller than this. With all the same basic features, just with a little less storage and space.

In-built kitchen of the Smalls van.

You can rent these bad babies from Denver, Colorado for a minimum of three nights. Which is perfect because Colorado has some of the best natural landscape to drive around and get lost in.

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You’ll pay US$200 (AU$281) to book your van, which will be put toward the custom inclusions (like mileage and cleaning fee) in your booking. Check out more info here.

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(All images: Native Campervans / Facebook)

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