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This Interactive Map Will Soundtrack Your Travels With Local Tunes

This Interactive Map Will Soundtrack Your Travels With Local Tunes

A big part of travelling is about experiencing new things. We sample local delicacies and seek out iconic landmarks in an effort to explore what makes a place different. So it makes sense then that to truly embrace a new city, we must also tune into what the locals are listening to.

Streaming service Spotify has introduced an interactive map that allows you to listen to playlists made up of popular songs played in cities from around the world. The musical map features almost 1000 city-specific playlists that reflect what the locals are listening to – in cities as wide reaching as Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Auckland and Athens. The 100-track playlists are based on more than 20 million listens, with the map changing weekly based on what’s popular.


Users can click on a specific city and see what’s “distinctive,” “emerging,” “most popular” and “most viral” in those destinations. The lists are designed to be unique to that specific city and feature music that’s popular in one locale and unfamiliar elsewhere – for example, the lists often feature songs by local artists, city-wide anthems, songs that mention particular neighbourhoods and tracks with references that you probably wouldn’t get unless you’re from there.

The interactive map is built on the belief that cities have their own musical identities – and it aims to tap into this musical DNA. For example, at the time of publish, Paris is enjoying tunes from Aya Nakamura, pop rock group Baby Kiy are popular in Tokyo, Melbourne’s hunkering down with dance group Orkestrated and New York is obsessing over the Original Broadway Cast Recording of musical Head Over Heels.

You can check out Spotify’s musical map below to listen in on your bucket-listed cities.

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