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This Glamping Service Will Pop A Tent Up In The World’s Most Remote Locations

This Glamping Service Will Pop A Tent Up In The World’s Most Remote Locations

A holiday should be so much more than just a destination crossed off a list. We’re seeing crowdsourced services like AirBnB prove that unique and personalised travel itineraries are on the rise. Similarly, a new service by London-based travel agency Black Tomato has decided to tap into this desire.

Blink is a new luxury service that lets you customise your travel plans down to a tee. Described by the company as “a series of travel experiences built around temporary accommodation designed to your exact requirements,” Blink crafts one-of-a-kind itineraries in some of the world’s most remote locations.


Fancy sleeping overnight on Bolivia’s salt flats? How about in a yurt in the Moroccan desert? Blink will cater the chic safari-style tents and the enviable locations, all you need to do is bring yourself (and your camera – this is something you’ll want to brag about in the future).

Customers begin by completing a survey, selecting everything from country and region, style of lodging (tropical villa, yurt or dome tent), meals, excursions and number of staff. You can choose your view, your bed linens, bath products and even the wine in your pop-up wine cellar. Black Tomato will then craft an itinerary, working alongside local experts to provide travellers with an experience as unique, immersive and adventurous as they choose.

So if you’re in the mood for a hot-tub soak on a Cast Away-style island with dinner served by a Michelin-star chef, all you have to do is ask.


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The possibilities are endless, but do depend on your budget, of course. Prices will vary depending on the logistical needs, experience choices, catering requirements and planning time of each destination. Blink are quoting prices at around $14,000AUD per person for a three night experience in Morocco including airfare, or up to around $40,000AUD for a Blink experience in Bolivia for four nights including airfare.

If that’s a little out of your price range, try this one on for size.

(All images: Blink)

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