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This Hotel Is Perched On Top Of An 82 Metre High Waterfall

This Hotel Is Perched On Top Of An 82 Metre High Waterfall

Room with a view doesn’t even begin to cover it – the Salish Lodge & Spa in Seattle offers guests a unique resting spot right above a thunderous waterfall in the heart of Washington.


This historic hotel was built in 1919 as a rest stop of travelling hikers and still functions in the same capacity today, but with an extra touch of luxury.

Salish Hotel & Spa overlooks Snoqualmie Falls, an 82 metre high waterfall on the Snoqualmie River. The falls are one of Washington’s biggest tourist destinations thanks to its use in cult television program Twin Peaks in the early ’90s.

Salish Hotel was used as a stand in for the exterior shots of the show’s Great Northern Hotel in the fictional town of Twin Peaks, Washington. David Lynch’s iconic program, which has gained a huge following since its initial broadcast, frequently used the falls and hotel as a centrepiece in the story – the very first scene of the show sees something being pulled out of the river’s banks near the cascade.


But you don’t need to be a fan of Twin Peaks to enjoy this place. Nowadays the hotel is a haven for relaxation, thanks to its award-winning spa centre. It’s kind of the perfect spot for a spa too, with visitors able to overlook the stunning scenery while soaking in therapeutic pools or indulging in a full-body massage. There’s also countless hiking and biking tracks around the hotel that offer great insight into the beauty of the Pacific northwest.

Salish also offer Yoga By The Falls, a class taught in the lodge’s beautiful Hidden Terrace room with views over Snoqualmie Falls that’ll have your jaw dropping. Inner peace is merely a ‘namaste’ away in this tranquil slice of nature.


Prices for the Salish Lodge & Spa start at around $219USD ($298AUD) per night.

(Images: Salish Lodge & Spa)

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