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You’ve Gotta See This Traveller’s Insane Drone Footage From All Around The World

You’ve Gotta See This Traveller’s Insane Drone Footage From All Around The World

Andres Aguilera Morillas Films Incredible Drone Travel Videos

One time, I flew my friend’s drone and almost immediately crashed it into a tree, but Andres Aguilera Morillas is much, much better than I am. He’s a filmmaker who travels around the world with an FPV racing drone and captures some next-level holiday footage.

Say goodbye to your aunt’s slideshow of blurry photos from her South West Rocks getaway and your wannabe influencer mate’s GoPro video from Bali. From now on, the only thing I want to see from your holiday is a video of you flying a drone through a canyon in Spain or a jungle waterfall in Indonesia.


That’s exactly the kind of stuff Andres posts to his Instagram. Some of his videos are thrilling action vignettes of snow sports, motorbike stunts or downhill skateboarding. But our favourite of his videos are the ones where he just shows off different spots around the world in a way we’ve never seen them before.


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“I try to capture angles that a few years back were impossible and where other kind of drones can’t go,” Andres told Lonely Planet.


Andres did some test runs to practice his path through the Madakaripura Waterfall in Java, Indonesia before filming this take. Since he posted it a few weeks ago, it’s got almost 80k views on Instagram and more than 141k on Twitter.

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Golden Gate Bridge, SF

For comparison, this is a pretty accurate representation of what happened when I tried to fly a drone:

Browse Andres’ Instagram or YouTube channel to take a tour through a canyon in Andalucia, Spain, through and an abandoned factory and over snow-capped mountains. It’s pretty wanderlusty stuff.

(Lead image: Guitar photographer / Shutterstock)

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