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Well, That’s A Nice Spot For A Hotel

Well, That’s A Nice Spot For A Hotel

Everyone one knows the Spanish are geniuses when it comes to lifestyle – late starts, two-hour lunches, afternoon naps and long, steamy evenings of sangria and tapas – but they’re also pretty great at construction as well.

Spain is a country that lives out loud, so it makes sense they’re boasting a cool hotel on the edge of the one the deepest gorges in the country.


Housed in a former Town Hall, Parador de Ronda is a four-star hotel in Southern Spain, about a two-hour drive from Seville. It’s nestled right next to the well-known Puente Nuevo bridge in Ronda, which was built way back in 1781.


From the terrace, guests can look out over the Tagus River, a ravine 120 metres deep below the hotel, and the awe-inspiring El Tago gorge. There are scenic footpaths through the hotel’s gardens and grounds that will lead you to lookouts with breathtaking vistas.


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If you can tear yourself away from the view, the hotel also boasts shiny marble furnishings, excellent local Andalucian cuisine and a killer outdoor swimming pool.


Very nice.

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