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This Floating Hotel Room Doubles As Your Own Personal Yacht

This Floating Hotel Room Doubles As Your Own Personal Yacht

When you think of “decadence”, what comes to mind? I’d be willing to bet luxury hotels, waterfront views and personal yachts all rank pretty highly. Now just combine those things, and voilà, you have this ridiculously luxe concept hotel by design studio Salt & Water.


The floating hotels will consist of a central “hub” containing a lobby, restaurant, cafe and offices, connected by wooden walkways to a number of individual floating suites.


These floating apartments are designed like miniature catamarans, so guests can detach them from the rest of the hotel and take them for a leisurely cruise around beautiful lakes, rivers and waterways.


The yacht pods are a top-of-the-line accommodation experience – each includes a galley, salon, bathroom and lofted bedroom, along with spectacular two-story windows, a balcony and a deck area for unparalleled views of the water.

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Each floating apartment can fit up to four guests, making it the ultimate party boat. Batten down the hatches and anchors away!

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