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This Cool Street Art In South Korea Is Only Visible When It Rains

This Cool Street Art In South Korea Is Only Visible When It Rains

After conquering the world of colourful cafes and hotels, everyone’s favourite colour swatch heroes Pantone have set their sights on something a little different – but equally as colourful.


Teaming up with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the streets of Seoul in South Korea will soon be hit with a brand new creative venture set to brighten up the city during its dreary monsoon season. This team of art directors and colour enthusiasts have decided to use hydrochromic paint to create custom murals that cover Seoul’s city streets.


Hydrochromic paint is virtually transparent when dry, but once it’s hit with a bit of rain, illuminates to a brilliant opaque colour. Seeing as South Korea is hit with heavy rain during their monsoon season in June and July, the fittingly named Project Monsoon will decidedly bring a bit of colour and fun to the gloomy city.


Inspired by South Korean culture, the murals will reveal a colourful river that flows across the ground – inside the river are countless cartoon fish, turtles and even a big pink whale.


Monsoon season usually lasts for up to 40 days, so if you happen to be in Seoul for this dreary phenomenon, here’s something that just might brighten your day.

(All images: School of the Art Institute of Chicago)

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