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The Artist Behind Taylor Swift’s ‘ME!’ Mural Has Done A Bunch Of Other Works Around The World

The Artist Behind Taylor Swift’s ‘ME!’ Mural Has Done A Bunch Of Other Works Around The World

Kelsey Montague Taylor Swift ME mural Nashville The Gulch

Last week, Taylor Swift dropped her new single “ME!” and a wild music video with Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie to boot. Swift had been dropping hints about the new song for months, but none as big as the massive, pastel-coloured mural in Nashville, which she secretly commissioned from her favourite street artist, Kelsey Montague.


Look at these pink butterfly wings full of secrets. Big mood.


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Fans went wild for the mural, which sits on a wall in Nashville’s trendy neighbourhood of The Gulch. Pretty much immediately after Swift posted her photo, the Gulch’s location tag on Instagram was full of people posting their own totally gorgeous photos in between the butterfly wings.


But this isn’t the only time that Montague’s murals have gone viral — the artist has paintings across the world, and you can visit them all thanks to an interactive map that shows their locations.


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There are even some Kelsey Montague murals in Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay that you can visit right now!

  • Atherden St, The Rocks, Sydney, NSW
  • 5b/21-25 Fletcher St, Byron Bay, NSW
  • Queen Victoria Market, Queen Street and Victoria Street, Melbourne, Vic
  • Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, 211 La Trobe Street, Melbourne, Vic

There are also murals in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago (among many other cities in the United States), and a few in Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, England and South Africa. Kelsey Montague sure has been prolific.

Swift said in an interview that she commissioned Montague because she painted one of her favourite murals in New York. She didn’t specify which mural, but she was probably talking about the black and white wings painting that she posed in front of in 2014. That one’s at 192 Mott St, New York, even though the image was wiped when Taylor deleted her Instagram presence before the release of reputation.


The interactive map of the locations of Montague’s murals is updated regularly, so street art fans and Swifties alike can stay up to date with the artworks. If you snap a shot with one of them, why not tag #goneAWOL for a chance to be featured on the AWOL Instagram account? Also check out Taylor’s new single below.


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(Lead image: Taylor Swift / YouTube)

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