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There’s New Banksy Art In The London Underground And It’s A Reminder To Wear Your Mask

There’s New Banksy Art In The London Underground And It’s A Reminder To Wear Your Mask

There’s nothing like the news of a fresh Bansky art work in the morning. The British Street Artist has pulled a swift one again, this time doing his thing on the London Underground.

The artwork features one of his signature rats, doing a nice big ol’ goopy sneeze onto the seat, and another one using a face mask as a parachute, plus a few more mucking around with masks and hand sani. Not to mention the words “I get lockdown, but I get up again” on the train doors.

It’s not hard to guess this is probably a nod to the whole pandemic situation going on in the world, but Bansky confirmed it himself by posting some behind-the-scenes footage to his Instagram.


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“If you don’t mask – you don’t get,” he wrote in the caption. A timely, cool and mildly gross reminder to wear your mask and help keep everyone healthy.

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The London Underground is currently getting deep cleans, as are many forms of public transport around the world thanks to existence of COVID-19.

In the video, Bansky appears to enter the London Underground disguised as one of the cleaning crew members. Or maybe it’s some random doing Banksy’s bidding, who ever knows with him. A few passengers look a little concerned, but overall he seems largely left alone to do his thing.

It might be a while before we Aussies get to go spot the artwork for ourselves, who knows how you’d even go about finding the right carriage on the right train once you did get there. But golly it’s fun to follow the journey and have something new in the world that’s creative instead of destructive, am I right?

(Lead Image: Instagram / @banksy)

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