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This Boutique Hotel Houses Both Tourists And Refugees

This Boutique Hotel Houses Both Tourists And Refugees

Magdas Hotel in Vienna is an open-minded, design-focused guesthouse that puts humanity ahead of profits. This is both a home for tourists and a housing solution for Austria’s refugees.


The hotel was created to provide jobs and shelter for people with an asylum background. Refugees from 14 different countries operate the site, providing them with hospitality experience and a temporary place to live. You’ll be sharing the space with them, and getting first-hand knowledge of the city they now call home.


The former retirement home was completely refitted thanks to funding from a local charity, and a crowdsourcing campaign that raised 60,000 euros (that’s close to $100,000 AUD). This is a hotel built on goodwill.


The fit out champions sustainable change, incorporating upcycled furniture in every corner. Fixtures and furnishings were collated from generous donations, and the neighbouring Academy of Fine Arts filled rooms with artworks especially commissioned by young artists of the academy. The result is communal living spaces and private rooms that brim with character and colour.

Apart from feeling great that your room rates are contributing to a social solution, you’ll love the proximity to nearby Prater and Schwedenplatz. Hire a bike from reception, order your packed lunch for collection, and you’re ready to roll.


Once home, kick back at the hotel balcony overlooking Vienna’s treetops, Giant Ferris Wheel and historic buildings, then retreat to your double room or rooftop suite – the only spot where the hotel says they can tolerate you looking down at somebody.

(Photos: Magdas Hotel)

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