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This Aeroplane Has Been Converted Into A Luxury Apartment

This Aeroplane Has Been Converted Into A Luxury Apartment

I don’t know about you but in my time travelling, I’ve found most hotel rooms tend to not come with a 40 metre long fully functional aeroplane cockpit – but I guess this isn’t your run-of-the-mill sleeping option.


At Teuge International Airport in the Netherlands, an entire plane has been converted into a luxury two person Airbnb apartment with all of the trimmings.


There’s a comfy double bed, a separate shower, a mini bar, three flat screen televisions, a blu-ray DVD player with a comprehensive collection of DVDs, a small kitchen with an oven/microwave combination, a coffee and tea maker, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

9pantry and lounge part

There’s even a jacuzzi and infrared sauna, for goodness sake.  No word on the free peanuts, though.

2aisle and overview

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The plane is a now defunct Ilyushin 18 built in 1960. It flew first as a government plane and then for an Eastern German airline, before serving as a restaurant for 15 years. Now the jet is a luxurious escape for two overlooking the platform and runway at Teuge airport. It’s also available for high flyer business meetings for up to 15 people.

With such a unique approach, we imagine this cool accommodation should really be taking off soon. No, STOP THE ENGINES, not like that. C’mon.

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