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Niagra Falls Has Frozen

Niagra Falls Has Frozen

As anyone with Facebook friends in USA’s north-east knows, it’s pretty damn cold there right now. Like, so cold that you could chip a tooth on your soup. It can literally turn a building on fire into an ice castle. That kinda cold. It’s currently -8oC, but feels like -16oC due to wind chill. I know. Brr.

As a result, Niagra Falls – the spectacular waterfalls that straddle the international border between Canada and USA –have partially frozen over, creating the effect of giant, halted ice luges. The frigid phenomenon is caused by the mist that floats above the falls turning everything it touches into ice. Sections of the powerful waterfall are still flowing but many parts have completely succumbed to the sub-zero deep freeze. While we don’t envy the frost-bitten fingers and numb noses, it must be a pretty splendid sight to behold for those who can see it in real life – or even climb it.

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(Lead image: Aaron Vincent Elkaim/Getty Image News)

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