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Are You Brave Enough To Try This Pedal-Powered Roller Coaster?

Are You Brave Enough To Try This Pedal-Powered Roller Coaster?

Over the high speeds and automated drops of your regular roller coasters? Then this might just be for you.

Located in Washuzan Highland Amusement Park in Okayama City in Japan, the Sky Cycle is a pedal-powered roller coaster that lets riders pedal themselves all the way around the length of the track. The coaster is built over a hilly terrain in Japan’s countryside, and features a pair of elevated rails that sit four stories above the ground.

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It’s a decidedly greener approach to your regular automated roller coaster. The Sky Cycle even requires you to work for your thrills, as opposed to just sitting back and enjoying the ride. Riders file into carts that look like side-by-side tandem bikes, with brakes, seat belts and cute baskets at the front for your belongings.

Oh and did we mention this looks completely and utterly terrifying?

So there’s no loops or crazy drops (it’s more of a scenic trail) but the Sky Cycle will definitely send your heart racing. While there are seat belts, the carts are open with no guard rails in sight – yikes!

The ride’s saving grace is the view though – the sheer thrill of it all might be worth it for that.

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Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

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