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These Are The Habits You Should Avoid When Travelling

These Are The Habits You Should Avoid When Travelling

Australians are expert travellers because we’ve been everywhere, man. Thanks to our location, we’re now experts at long haul flights. We’ve travelled through Singapore/Dubai/LAX so many times that we even know about the secret rooftop pools hidden beside the runway. We know the game; we’ve played it many times before.

But are we always respectable travellers? Do we let people through on thoroughfares? Do we refrain from putting our feet up on chairs, or from being obnoxiously loud during flights? Travel’s great, but it can be marred by unpleasant situations.

A recent study by analysed what grinds the gears of travelling passengers the most. The study analysed the Instagram account Passenger Shaming and pinpoints the ways travellers are shamed on flights, train rides and even in airports.

So what are we being shamed for? Well, it’s mostly just an invasion of space.

Feet creeping through gaps in seats, hair laying over the back of chairs, manspreading and er… unconventional sleeping techniques.

Trippy found on average, people leaving a mess and those using more than one seat were the worst offenders, followed closely by those who were inappropriately dressed and others who decide to perform hygiene tasks in public, like clipping toe nails (yikes!).

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Photo: trippy

But before the nun from Game of Thrones comes out to publicly shame everyone – there are some posts that are more laughable than annoying. Like this guy who decided to do crunches on the floor during a one hour flight. I mean, you have to admire the commitment.

Check out the rest of the study here, and admire some truly bizarre occurrences on the Passenger Shaming Instagram here.

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