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These Airport Napping Rooms Are A Gift From The Travel Gods

These Airport Napping Rooms Are A Gift From The Travel Gods

Know what memory never shows up in trip highlight reels? Sleeping on the floor beside your luggage in an unknown airport while counting the hours ’til your connecting flight. Layovers ain’t easy, but it seems that the travel gods are smiling upon us today.

Say hello to Napcabs – these airport sleeping pods are an excellent way to pass time/sleep/work while you’re in the land of layovers.

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Fitted with a full bed, workspace and luggage storage, Napcabs aim to let you relax and re-energise before your next flight in a private cabin within the airport. Each small pods (each about four square metres) give guests internet access, a charging station and a built in multimedia tablet which can be used to check flight information, browse music and videos, set an alarm and change the pod’s lighting and cooling.

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Napcabs are currently only located in Germany at Munich Airport and Tegel Airport in Berlin, but fingers crossed these will be installed around the globe soon.

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Prices vary on time of day and duration – the maximum stay is 12 hours – so it’s about €15 ($21AUD) per hour during the day, and €10 ($14AUD) overnight. There is a minimum spend though, which is around €30 ($42AUD), but what is a little extra money when it comes to comfort?

(h/t Techly)

(Lead image: left: Napcabs/Instagram, right: acw567/Instagram, all other images: Napcabs)

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