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There’s Finally A Way To Make Sleeping In Your Car Not Suck

There’s Finally A Way To Make Sleeping In Your Car Not Suck

Anyone who has ever slept in their car can testify that it’s like napping in hell. Laying across the backset results in imprints of the seatbelt buckle on your soft bits and reclining the front seat makes you feel like you’ve been permanently folded. Unless you have a campervan or station wagon, a car is notoriously a terrible place to sleep – ’til now, that is.  Meet The Happy Hobo: an inflatable back seat car mattress that fills all of those uncomfy nooks and crannies.


The spacious bed fits seamlessly into the back seat of any sedan, hatchback or 4WD. Its unique design incorporates the footwells for stability and shapes around the car’s centre console, transforming your backseat into a comfortable sleeping pod.

It might even make you ditch the tent on your next camping trip. Instead of battling with tents, pegs, mats and stretchers, all you’ll need is this one mattress that easily inflates to fit right in your backseat.


Along with a matching pillow, the Happy Hobo comes with a powerful pump that plugs into your car cigarette lighter to inflate and deflate the mattress.


The Happy Hobo is no one-trick-pony either – pull it out of the car, flip it over, and you’ve got your own comfy sofa. Smart thinking: they’ve done it.

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