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The World’s Tallest Water Slide Is Higher Than Niagra Falls

The World’s Tallest Water Slide Is Higher Than Niagra Falls

Resting your eyes upon Verrückt is a little like the first glance at an M. C. Escher drawing. You can’t help but look twice. There’s something in the perception of the angles that’s not quite right. You’re presented with an irregular perspective, an impossible reality if you will.


But we’re pretty sure you’d believe it’s real when it’s your body hurtling down the world’s tallest water slide at 110kms/hr with only a lift raft and your three companions to grasp on to for dear life. After the initial free fall, the ride blasts you up a second small hill (just a cool five storeys guys, it’s fine) and down another drop before depositing you and your excesses of adrenaline at the foot of the beast.


With a 51 metre drop (that’s 17 storeys high and just taller than Niagra Falls), the ride maxes out as the tallest water slide in the world. You’ll find it dominating the skyline at Kansas City’s Schlitterbahn Waterpark and the attraction is so popular that a daily sign up system is in place as the demand is greater than the amount of available rides.

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(All images: Schlitterbahn Newsroom)

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