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10 Taste Of Tasmania Meals You Wish You Were Eating Right Now

10 Taste Of Tasmania Meals You Wish You Were Eating Right Now

Hobart’s annual food festival, the Taste of Tasmania, just wrapped up and now it’s time to frantically scroll through the #tasteoftasmania hashtag, discarding any pangs of envy (or is that hunger?) in search of lunch inspiration.

The festival ran for a week from December 28 to January 3, offering entertainment, ticketed food and wine experiences and a smorgasbord of fresh produce stalls selling the finest food, wines, beers and ciders that are all proudly Tasmanian. Onya Tassie.

Our frenzied scrolling unearthed the below Instagram images of things we wish we were eating right now, but aren’t. There’s always next year.

Feast your eyes.

A photo posted by Oyster Twist (@oyster_twist) on

This oyster kilpatrick BAP is calling to me like a siren of the sea.

A photo posted by marc bester (@marcbester) on

Bao down for this Mint pulled pork bao.

This meal certainly cuts the mustard.

A photo posted by fahmyrosly (@sangfahmy) on

Yowza. This is a wallaby burrito with savoury chipotle and jalapeño sauce.

A photo posted by Grace Derrick (@grace_548) on

Are you going to finish that?

A photo posted by Rachel Kim (@xoxrachiie) on

I think that Savage Garden song ‘I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You’ is actually about these deep fried potato skins.

A photo posted by susie702 (@susie702) on

I’m sorry mum and dad, but this mac’n’cheese pie is my family now.

A photo posted by @pippam_27 on

A little bit of cured meat in my life, a little bit of green beans on the side, a little bit of fried squid’s all I need, a little bit of cheese wheel’s what I see.

A photo posted by @laurendaydreaming on

Oh, this? It’s just a salted caramel ice cream sandwich, nothing to see here.

A photo posted by Phoebe Reed (@spider.j) on

If you don’t enjoy a cheese and wine platter in Tasmania, have you really even been to Tasmania at all?

(Lead image: Vanessa Pike-Russell/Flickr)

Taste may be over but Tasmania’s food culture is amazing year-round. Book a trip there with Qantas.

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