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The Ordinary Is Throwing A 23% Off Sale All November, So Prepare To Glow

The Ordinary Is Throwing A 23% Off Sale All November, So Prepare To Glow

With little else to do in lockdown besides read a bunch and take up cross stitch, I took all the extra time I suddenly had on my hands to finally pay attention to my skincare routine — it’s the year of 30 for me, after all.

The results? Honestly, mostly The Ordinary products.

For my skin, my desire to have products that are free from nasties and vegan-friendly and my budget, The Ordinary just excelled.

So on a very personal level, I’m bloody stoked they’re slinging their entire range for 23 percent off during the entire month of November. It’s not just The Ordinary either, it’s also including other Deciem brands NIOD, Hylamide, The Chemistry Brand, Abnormaly, Loopha and HI.

I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but you still can’t help but wonder why. Apparently, it’s to give a subtle middle finger to Black Friday sales — a day of HUGE consumerism that goes against the brands message of sustainability and simplicity.

“During traditional promotions, many brands see a discount as the main driver of engagement – the promotion starts and the customer shops,” Deciem’s CEO Nicola Kilner said in a statement.

“We wanted to reframe this by not simply offering a discount, but by spending more time than ever guiding our audience towards making the right decisions for their specific needs”.

To really let the point sink in, they’re closing for business on Black Friday itself (November 27), as well as launching a month-long initiative named KNOWvember. That’ll include skincare and beauty education, Q&As, and info on perfecting your routine.

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“We will be publishing/hosting a unique piece of content/event daily throughout KNOWvember across our social channels and website, with the aim of encouraging consumers to research and reflect ahead of purchasing,” explained Kilner. “The idea is to encourage people to know more, so they can buy less”.

You can check out the full KNOWvember content calendar here.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @deciem)

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