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The Netherlands Has Glow In The Dark Highways

The Netherlands Has Glow In The Dark Highways

In Mario Kart 64, Rainbow Road is the most annoying course. However the real life version of Rainbow Road looks amazing. In the small city of Oss, Dutch engineering company Hejimans has teamed up with artist Daan Roosegaarde to create a glow in the dark highway. The photoluminescent paint charges during the day and slowly emits light over the course of eight hours during the evening.


This venture was part creative and part safety oriented; the highway looks incredible but it also increases traffic visibility by using a more energy efficient way of lighting than street lamps.

After some initial problems with the glow fading over time, the kinks have been worked out and there are serious plans in place to spread this design throughout the Netherlands, lighting roads and bike paths alike.

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Watch out for those banana peels though!

(All images: Studio Roosegaarde)

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