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This Is The Most Australian Campervan Ever

This Is The Most Australian Campervan Ever

Do you sometimes feel that you’re too cultured for the rigors of camping? Do you ever ponder how you can make your camping vehicle adequately reflect your patriotism? Than boy, do we have a camper van for you, cobber!

The Opera campervan was created by Belgian designers as a nod to the Sydney Opera House. Apart from honouring a true blue Australian landmark, it’s also kind of a technological miracle – think that one-man tent in Harry Potter that expands to a small cottage, but you know, real.


The electrically powered camper unfolds itself in five minutes, so it’s also for a fantastic gift for that friend who at music festivals, stands limply next to their unmade tent waiting for someone to arrange it for them (side note: don’t be that guy).

It’s pretty plush. With teak and stainless steel finishings, the lit van also includes electrically adjustable beds, a stove, BBQ, hot water and a toilet. Those are just the bare necessities – it also includes a wine cabinet, espresso bar, heating and a damn veranda. It’s probably unsurprising that the Opera Camper van retails for over $40,000 AUD.

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