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FYI, Amsterdam Has A Bicycle Mayor

FYI, Amsterdam Has A Bicycle Mayor

The city of Amsterdam is very good at all things two-wheeled. They previously developed a bicycle hitchhiking system, and they’ve always been at the forefront of not only biking technology, but also biker’s rights. It seems only natural then, that this fair Dutch capital would elect a cycling representative.

Anna Luten, whose day job is working for the manufacturer Giant Bicycles, got democratically elected for the position of Bicycle Mayor by popular vote earlier this year, to much acclaim from other cycle-crazy cities.

Her platforms? She champions bike etiquette, better parking options and fewer cars on the road.

Bike Mayor Anna Luten. Photo: CycleSpace/Facebook

The position, while not technically official, is the brainchild of cycling advocacy group CycleSpace, which hopes to make an example out of Amsterdam so other cities follow suit. Why? It’s all in the hope of raising awareness around the ins, outs, and joys of cycling and eco-friendly transportation.


CycleSpace plan to inaugurate their first 25 cycle mayors in cities as diverse as Beijing, Sao Paulo, Chicago, Cape Town and Warsaw, and will be holding a yearly conference which will take place in the Netherlands capital next year.

Considering Amsterdam is a city with almost one bike per person, with 500,000 commuters choosing to get around on two wheels every single day, it seems only natural they should elect a leader who can solve all their two-wheeled woes and ensure more people are getting on the right path: the bike path.

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