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The Best Burger Experiences In The World Have Been Named

The Best Burger Experiences In The World Have Been Named

Look, we’re just going to disregard the recent news that eating fistfuls of processed meats can cause cancer, because well, how could anyone pass up a juicy, mouth-wateringly good looking burger? Lonely Planet agree, and have just released a list of the most delicious and, for lack of a better word, interesting burger experiences from across the world. The key word here is “experience”. We may not be talking about the tastiest burgers from around the globe, but the ones that have caught the media’s eye over the past year – and there are some weird ones.


Home to: Burger & Barrel‘s Bash Style Burger


The wholesome burger was first born in the US at the turn of the century but that initial slider is a far cry from the bacon stacked monstrosities we see these days. Lonely Planet lists NYC haunt Burger & Barrel as a great place to get an iconic American burger – their Bash Style Burger is simple in its production (mustard dipped beef, caramelised onions, bacon jam, pickles and American cheese) but strong in its execution. You can even add some white truffles if you’re feeling fancy.


New Zealand

Home to: Fergburger

Queenstown institution Fergburger serves up meat-heavy monstrosities that will surely keep you protein packed for a day full of adrenalin pumping activities across New Zealand. Worth travelling the short distance over the pond towards this great beef burger, Lonely Planet even recommend sloshing one down with a Kiwi beer to get the real NZ experience.


Home to: Cafe Clock‘s Camel Burger

A delicacy across most of Arabic cuisine, camel meat has now made it’s way into a burger thanks to Fez restaurant Cafe Clock. To be honest, I think we might stick to our classic beef patties, thanks very much.

Canada & Iceland

Home to: Arctic animal specialties


Canada will never shy away from mystery meat burgers, including but not limited to caribou, elk and ox burgers (the latter can be found at Tonimoes Restaurant in Inuvik in northwest Canada). In Iceland there’s a similar vein with reindeer and puffin burgers on the menu at Grillmarkadurinn. Quite controversially, you might even find a minke whale meat burger. To each his own, I guess.

South Africa

Home to: The Ostrich Burger at Neighbourgoods Market

Nothing like a bit of big bird to sandwich between two bread buns – the Neighbourgoods Market in Cape Town sell their South African delicacy at the Old Biscuit Mill on Saturdays only so plan your trip accordingly.


Home to: The world’s spiciest burgers – who knew?

Yep, the spiciest burgers from across the world aren’t found in India or Mexico, but in the humble towns of Bristol and Brighton. Bristol serves up the Atomic Fallout Burger at Atomic Burger, and Brighton’s Burger Off sees the XXX Hot Chilli Burger leave patrons in a world of pain after ingesting this hot number. The latter has seen several people hospitalised thanks to its 9 million score on the Scoville heat scale (just in perspective, Tabasco sauce scores around 2500).  Yikes.

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Pilbara Broome West Australia WA


Home to: Burger King Japan‘s Black Bun Burger

(Photo: Chee Kweng Teoh/Flickr)

We all know if you’re looking for something a little out of the box, you’ll probably find it in Japan. Enter the black bun burger which can be found at Burger King Japan. Introduced as part of the Juro Burger range, the bun, the bamboo-charcoal cheese, the black-pepper burger and squid-ink ketchup are all deliciously dark in colour, nestled beside a slice of regular tomato and lettuce garnish. It’s out of this world.


Home to: A meatless burger at VeganBurg

Some say blasphemous, but we say #ontrend – Lonely Planet have included a soya and mushroom burger from Singapore’s VeganBurg on their iconic burger list. VeganBurg are known for sprinkling zesty ingredients like pineapple, satay sauce and seaweed on their burgers and well as using fresh lettuce instead of buns. Sure, it’s hard to really call it a “burger” once you’ve deleted the main ingredients but hey, you do you, guys.


Home to: Mindil Beach Sunset Market for native fauna burgers

(Photo: ctudball/Flickr)

It’s no real surprise that the world now knows us as the only country in the world that like to eat our own national animal. Anything from kangaroo to emu to crocodile to barramundi are all regular menu items here Down Under, and Lonely Planet recommends Darwin’s Mindil Beach Sunset Market for indulging in some “other” meat burgers.

(Lead image: James/Flickr)

You’ve gotta try these – start planning your next food-based holiday with Qantas. 

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