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Someone Actually Beat NSW’s 30 Min 5-Kilo Burger Challenge, Which Is Both Impressive & Gross

Someone Actually Beat NSW’s 30 Min 5-Kilo Burger Challenge, Which Is Both Impressive & Gross

One thing that truly baffles and disgusts me, at the same time as lightly intriguing me, is the whole food challenge culture.

My first question is: why? My second is: how? My third is: imagine how many starving people we could feed with your over-eating?

Still though, when someone actually manages to achieve one of these challenges, I can’t deny wanting to know all about it. And beat it someone did.

Cessnnock’s Khartoum Hotel Burger Challenge is somewhat infamous for its difficulty. The $60 burger weighs in at five kilos and must be eaten in under 30 minutes. Over 55 people have tried and failed, until now.

Image: Facebook / Kitchener Hotel

‘James’ from Sydney‘s Baulkum Hills became the first person to complete the challenge, and he did it 25 minutes and 37 seconds with room for dessert.

“Well what do you know, James came up from Baulkam Hills and not only conquered our Khartoum Hotel Burger Challenge but he absolutely smashed it,” said a Facebook post by the Hotel. “The burger was gone in under the time but he also had a double serving of cheesecake and all under 30 minutes,” the post read.

Our Khartoum Hotel Burger Challenge has attracted an absolutely amazing amount of interest not only locally but…

Posted by Kitchener Hotel on Saturday, May 1, 2021

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“Our Legends Board is off to the signwriters to get the first name added. All of us here at the Khartoum Hotel @ Kitchener are so excited that we have our first winner”.

Here he is in full chow-down action: James, the man, the myth, the really hungry legend.

Image: Facebook / Kitchener Hotel

Let’s all please spare a thought for the unidentified woman sitting across from him in the photos, who is all of us when forced to watch our friends/ boyfriends decide it’s a good idea to try a food challenge and we didn’t bring our own cars to escape in.

(All images: Facebook / Kitchener Hotel)

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