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That Will Ferrell-Themed Pop-Up Bar Is About To Land In DC

That Will Ferrell-Themed Pop-Up Bar Is About To Land In DC

In homage to the greatest comedic actor of our generation (fight me), Washington DC is getting its very own pop-up bar dedicated to our favourite anchorman Ron Burgundy.

After popping up in major US cities like New York City, Boston and Los Angeles, the owners of the Will Ferrell-themed bar Stay Classy is setting its sights on Washington DC. Inspired by films like Talladega Nights: The Ballard of Ricky Bobby, Step Brothers, Anchorman and Zoolander, Stay Classy will be filled with matching memorabilia, drinks, food and frivolity.

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Photo: Stay Classy/Facebook

Owner of DC restaurant Mythology Todd Luongo was the one who reached out to Stay Classy to bring some much needed Ferrell to the DC nightlife. He told Lonely Planet: “Who doesn’t like Will Ferrell movies? And besides, the theme is just so positive, absurd, ridiculous, and outright fun. DC is so divided and contentious and full of stress and negativity right now, there’s no better place to bring this pop-up next.”

As well as costume nights, trivia and countless Ferrell paintings, the drinks menu of Stay Classy is riddled with classic Ferrell quotes. There’s the Glass Case Of Emotion, a cocktail with rosemary and peach, whiskey and lemon juice and  you and a friend could even enjoy the Did We Just Become Best Friends? of two shots. Or you can just settle in with a scotchy scotch scotch. No word on how much cowbell there’ll be.

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The bar will be open in Washington DC from May 5 for about one month. More info here.

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