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You Can Now Scuba Dive To Croatia’s First Underwater Winery

You Can Now Scuba Dive To Croatia’s First Underwater Winery

A Croatian winery is now letting you scuba dive the depths of the Adriatic Sea to retrieve a clay jug of barnacled, sea-matured wine, much like the pirates used to do. Probably.

Croatians love their wine. So much so, that they’re finding every which way to store it, including in the ocean.

Guys! Thats not a cellar!

Edivo Vina is Croatia’s first underwater winery, and according to the business’ owners, the ocean has perfect temperatures for wine to mature. Anto Šegović and Edi Bajurin came up with the concept five years ago, testing locations, bottles and ancient immersion techniques before settling on the winning process.

The wine spends three months above ground before being poured into ancient clay jugs named amphorae, and left 18-25 metres under the Pelješac Peninsula to age for one to two years. To make sure that there’s no leaking, the amphorae is double-lined with rubber and securely sealed in a cage with padlocks. The owners say it’s this process that gives their wine a unique pinewood aroma.


Not only does the process make the wine taste excellent, the jugs themselves make a pretty cool souvenir. After being stuck underwater for so long, they’re riddled with coral, barnacles and oysters. Y’know, regular sea growth.

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Mmmm, sea growth!

And now you can help the guys from Edivo Vina extract the wine from it’s resting place under the sea. The dive is even complete with a tour of a sunken shipwreck. Aye, aye me hearties!

You can find out more about the winery and its scuba dive tours here.

(All images: Edivo Vina)

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